Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ASP 100-Skills for Success

Hi, I'm Natalie Owens. I'm attending Argosy University. I'm taking a course called ASP 100 Skills for Success. This class is to teach you to be proud of who you are and what you are going to accomplish. This class will empower you to improve technical note taking abilities, such as note taking strategies electronic or other note taking skills. Time management strategies, memory skills, APA format for completing assignments. Learn strategies to organize and remember information. ASP 100 will get you ready for skills you will use to be successful during your bachelor degree and also in life. You will learn to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice. Argosy University offers free tutoring, financial aid advisers, free counseling, disability services, student advisers. Library resources and computer lab are available on campus. ASP 100 class offers bleneded courses, online and classroom. Learning is a life long process. The purpose of this course is to show you how to establish your needs as a student. They offer online e-books,discussions with fellow students, and reponses to other students. Education is what you make of it You also learn about feedback which is an essential part of communication. Argosy University is located at 225 N. Michigan Ave. Tel: 312-777-7600 come on down and sign up for this ASP 100 skills for Success class! Hope to see here!